doesn’t build character

    it reveals one

    Basketball not only makes you fit, it also can help you make new friends.


    We’re helping people of all ages enjoy one of the best sports!

    Jumpers Basketball Club was established in 2012. Its main aim was to offer opportunities for local residents to play basketball, no matter what their level of ability.

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    • Goal

      We believe that basketball should become No. 1 sport among youngsters and adults.

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    • Qualified coaches

      Our club has a team of qualified basketball coaches that take care of your success.

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    • Children's sections

      We also offer professional basketball coaching services for children and teens.

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    • Teamwork

      Teamwork is one of the main principles that we pursue at Jumpers Basketball Club.

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    • Sporting Atmosphere

      We maintain friendly sport atmosphere at our basketball club for all players.

    • Regular Events

      We have an extensive variety of events available to every player and/or visitor all year round.

    • Sportsmen Community

      We invite new and experienced basketball players to join our community of sportsmen.

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